The Bag Description

Beautiful, luxurious, high-end leather with over an inch of cushion throughout the interior that is covered by a special designer quality and breathable fabric. The heaviest end of the instrument (the bottom bout), which is more likely to touch the floor, is protected with a proprietary system of thicker interior cushion and strategically placed designer floor studs. At the headstock and bridge areas, there are two inverted 10 inch interior leather bridge and headstock protectors that gently but securely embraces your instrument and protects the special interior fabric and leather from steel and/or nickel string sticks. And although all of our gig bags are built for maximum comfort, you can further accessorize with our DeluXe Top Grain Leather Strap Cushions that very easily attaches to the shoulder straps of the Bag and adds a whopping additional inch of Leathered Cushion to the shoulder straps as it drapes over your back and shoulder area. 

Our leather Gig Bag Protection System is designed to evenly distribute the weight of the instrument throughout the entire area of the bag. So it not only provides optimum interior protection and comfort for the instrument but transfers this efficiency when the instrument is being carried via our cushioned hand strap, over one shoulder or with our two strap system over both shoulders.