Guitar Bag

GUITAR BAG DETAILS: Accommodates most Electric Guitars 6, 7 and 12 strings

Overall length is 41 inches (top to bottom)

Width at Lower Bout (bottom of bag) 14 inches and tapering slightly to 11 1/2 inches at Upper Bout (top of body)

Width at Neck to Headstock is 6 inches (inside cushion design ensures snug and comfortable fit

Height (thickness) of Bag is 4 inches top to bottom

Satchel (large detachable pocket) is 11 1/2 inches length and 10 1/2 inches width, 2 inches height (thickness) and will stretch depending on how full you pack it. 

Pocket (small neck pocket) is 6 inches length and 4 ¼ inches width and 1 ½ Height